Missouri Mormon Song /
Black Hills Waltz

Cathy - mountain dulcimer, vocal; Dave - guitar, vocal; Knox McCrory - harmonica

We learned this song from a visitors' introductory film at the Mormon visitors' center in Independence, Mo. We easily recognized Hal Cannon of the Deseret String Band as the singer. Levi Hancock, a prominent Mormon settler in Jackson County in the early 1830s, is credited with writing the poetry, which Hal set to an old tune.

Here, far in the realm of Missouri
I sit and sing and tell thee a story
Of how many trials I have crossed o'er
Before I found this dwelling in peace.

Here in my grove, where water is springing
My ears are charmed to hear the birds singing
With songs so sweet, they keep the grove ringing
While here at home I live and have peace.

Here in my fields all things are growing
And on the prairie I have been mowing
That I may have feed to keep my stock growing
While here at home I live and have peace.

The ground is covered here with strawberries
And in the grove, the plums and the cherries
And I will thank my God and be merry
For giving me this dwelling in peace.

May we love God forever and ever
For peace bestowed upon the believer
And turn from Him, O never, O never
But always love the spirit of peace.