(Ken Hicks, BMI)
Folk-Legacy Records, Inc., BMI, 1987

Sandy Paton: guitar, lead vocal; Dave Para: guitar, vocal; Cathy Barton: banjo, vocal;
Additional chorus vocals:
Caroline Paton, Ed Trickett, Harry Tuft

Ken Hicks, the "round mound of sound" from Virginia Beach, VA, is known for his humorous songs delivered amid monologues that leave one's laugh-muscles aching. But, occasionally, one catches a glimpse of the sensitive and caring person that lives within the clown. This song, a simple "thank you" written for his friends and his wife, could be a theme sono for all of those who enjoy sharing good songs and good times with good people - in other words: for all the "Golden Rings" that gather to make music in kitchens and living rooms everywhere. Many singers have added verses to this song, including loan Sprung, Bob Zentz, and Ken himself. In fact, Ken says, "It's not unusual for someone to change verses or add new ones to thank their own 'good people,' so if this is, one day, the longest song ever written, I'll be pleased as punch."

(Sandy Paton)

This is a song for all the good people,
All the good people who've touched up my life.
This is a song for all the good people,
People I'm thanking my stars tor tonight.

This is a song for all the good people
Who knew what I needed was something they had:
Food on the table, a heart that was able,
Able to keep me just this side of sad.

And this is a song for all the good fellows
Who shared up my times, the good and the bad.
We sang in the kitchen, held no competition,
Each knowing the other was a good friend lo have.

And this is a song I sing for my lady,
I sing for the lady who puts up with me,
My rambling my roaming my late-night come-homin;
She is the sunshine that shines down on me.

©1992 Folk-Legacy Records, Inc. Sharon, Connecticut 06069
  Used by permission.