(Arlo Guthrie, ASCAP)
Howard Beach Music, ASCAP, 1973.

Harry Tuft: guitar, lead vocal; Ed Trickett: guitar, piano, vocal; Dave Para: guitar, vocal;
Additional chorus vocals:
Cathy Barton, Caroline Paton, Sandy Paton

Arlo Guthrie wrote this in 1973, and I've enjoyed singing it almost ever since. (It's hard to resist a line like "you'll know you're reasonably there.") I have taken the liberty of using the first verse as a chorus. Many of you will appreciate the reference to "Man of Constant Sorrow," but, if you don't, I urge you to look up a version of that fine traditional song.

(Harry Tuft)

I want to hop on the last train in the station;
Won't need to get myself prepared.
When you're on the last train to glory, people,
You'll know you're reasonably there.

Maybe you ain't walked on any highways.
You've just been flying in the air.
But, if you're on the last train to glory, people,
You'll know you must have paid your fare.

Maybe you've been lying down in the jailhouse;
Maybe you're hungry and poor.
Maybe your ticket on the last train to glory
Is the stranger who is sleeping on your floor.

Now, I ain't a man of constant sorrow,
And I ain't seen trouble all day long.
We are only passengers on the last train to glory
That will soon be long, long gone.

©1992 Folk-Legacy Records, Inc. Sharon, Connecticut 06069
  Used by permission.