Little Creek


Caroline Paton: mountain dulcimer, lead vocal; Cathy Barton: banjo, lead vocal Sandy Paton: guitar, vocal; Dave Para: guitar, vocal; David Paton: hammered dulcimer

I learned this sprightly Southern Appalachian tune from Sara Grey and Ellie Ellis. (They recorded it in England on their Fellside album, A Breath of Fresh Air.) Sara learned "Little Creek" in Arizona from fiddler/singer Chester James who, in turn, had learned it from Lulabelle and Scotty Wiseman. I grew up near Chicago, where I listened to the National Barn Dance on WLS, and Lulabelle and Scotty were favorites of mine. I don't remember ever hearing them do this song, but I'm not surprised that I was drawn to it when I did hear it.

Sara and Ellie follow "Little Creek" with a tune called "Big Liza" which they learned from mountain dulcimer player and singer Leo Kretzner. In our arrangement, we use part of the "Big Liza" tune as a break between the verses.

(Carolyn Paton)

Goin' to Little Creek, just 'fore long,
Goin' to Little Creek, just 'fore long.
Goin' to Little Creek, just 'fore long,
To see that gal of mine.

When I was a little boy, my mother kept me in.
Now I am a great big boy, she can't do that again.

Cheeks are like a blooming rose, hair of golden brown.
I'm gonna see that pretty little girl before the sun goes down.

Yonder comes that pretty little girl. I low do you reckon I know?
I know her by her apron strings, tied up in a double bow.

Finger ring, finger ring, shines as bright as gold.
I'm gonna marry that pretty little girl before she gets too old.

©1992 Folk-Legacy Records, Inc. Sharon, Connecticut 06069
  Used by permission.