Goodbye to the Lowlands

(Craig Johnson, BMI)
Folk Legacy Records, Inc., BMI, 1992

Caroline Paton: lead vocal; Sandy Paton: guitar, vocal; Cathy Barton: autoharp, vocal Dave Para: guitar, vocal; Harry Tuft: bass, vocal; David Paton: concertina

Craig Johnson is one of my favorite songwriters, even though there are only about a dozen songs he is willing to claim as his own. In my opinion, he is batting .1000! I love his nostalgic "New Harmony" that we recorded a few years ago, and I think that "Damned Old Piney Mountains" is as fine a song as has appeared in the folk revival. "Goodbye to the Lowlands" is another favorite of mine. I feel that the second verse, with its description of the changes from rural to suburban is worthy of any poet.

(Carolyn Paton)

My home town's been tore down, I can't find my way,
With its high-gabled houses and my grand-dad's old place
And the last hobo camps have been bulldozed
away, And lately I wonder just why I should stay.

Goodbye to the lowlands and the green fields of home.
Goodbye to the long roads I loved to roam.
Goodbye to the good friends and the good times I've known.
(I'm) going away, and maybe going home.

They've landscaped the cornfields, the back roads are paved
And they've built lots of houses with false country names
Names of the farms and the fields that they've changed,
But they can't hide the truth of what little remains.

There's a love I remember; when I told him goodbye
With the deep hurt of parting, I was too lost to cry.
There's a love I remember for a place and a time
They're gone like the trains that once passed in the night.

©1992 Folk-Legacy Records, Inc. Sharon, Connecticut 06069
  Used by permission.