Singer's Request

(Nic Jones/anon.)
Leading Note Publishers

Ed: guitar, lead vocal; Dave: guitar, lead vocal;
Cathy: banjo, lead vocal; Additional chorus vocals: Caroline, Sandy, Harry

Cathy, Ed and I learned this song from Joanie Bronfman and Neal MacMillan at their home in Boston in 1985, and we sang it for the remainder of what was a very memorable and productive New England tour. Joanie and Neal got it from Nic Jones' recording, From the Devil to a Stranger, on Highway Records.
(Dave Para)

I'm told that this is a poem by Sir Walter Scott entitled "The Minstrel's Request," revised and set to an old melody. We find that it has the kind of chorus folk audiences learn quickly and sing with great enthusiasm.

(Sandy Paton)

Dark the night and long till day; do not bid us further stray. Dark the night and long till day; do not bid us further stray.

Now the sun it doth decline, pour the beer and pour the wine. We can lead your thoughts astray from the world and from the day.

We sing songs of history, love and war and mystery. We can lead you from espair, or can chill the darkening air.

You may choose to pass us by with a cruel or scornful eyc. We will see the ending through, then we'll turn and say to you:

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