Howard “Rusty” Marshall—fiddle; Dave Para—guitar and bones; Cathy Barton—banjo

Fiddler Howard “Rusty” Marshall of Columbia, Mo., says the actual title of this tune is “Muddy Road to Duck Town.” He says he remembers hearing the tune as a child growing up in Randolph County, Mo., played perhaps by his grandfather or an aunt, and believed it to be a tune from the Civil War era. He later heard it played in the mid-1970's by Tennessee fiddler Bob Douglas at a Smithsonian festival in Washington, D.C. When Rusty started playing in 1988 he had forgotten the original title and so retitled it in honor of his hometown of Moberly, Mo., and his Southern ancestors. Whatever the tune's history, Rusty renders it with many charcteristics of the Missouri fiddle style.

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