Talk About Your Greenbacks


Guitar and vocal-Dave; banjo and vocal-Cathy; vocals-the Graces, Lee Ruth; feet-Leela; hambone-Ellie; harmonica-Paul

Also from Steamboatin' Days, this song came to us from Sandy Paton at Folk-Legacy Records, and we enjoy singing it with him. Mary Wheeler transcribed the refrain as "Who, who, didn' da do." Our image of this song is one of a rouster walking along the riverfront visiting the different steamboats docked there. A waterfall was a popular style of hair decoration in the mid-19th century, bunching curled hair at the back of the head around a nucleus of false hair called a "rat."

You talk about your greenbacks being dollar bills
You oughta see the Natchez when she passed Louisville
Yonder comes the Natchez, coming through the fog,.
Folks on the promenade putting on the dog.

Who, who, didn't I do
Who, who didn't I do.

Had a little gal, dressed in red,
Gonna make a living with a needle and thread.
Had a little gal, dressed in blue
Gonna make a living that's good and true.

If I live to see next Spring,
I'm gonna buy my good gal a big gold ring.
And if I live to see next Fall
I'm gonna buy my good gal a waterfall.

Chicken in the pea patch pecking at the peas
Dogs in the backyard scratching at the fleas.
Sally's got a shovel, I got a hoe.
If that ain't farming then I don't know.