This Is My River / Sam Polo

by Tom Paxton / (traditional)

Hammered dulcimer and vocal-Cathy; guitar and vocal-Dave; drum-Rich

We learned Tom Paxton's song from Lee Ruth who got it from an environmental public service announcement on television in the 1960s. Tom has not recorded the song to date, but Lorre Wyatt sang it on a Hudson Clearwater Revival album with an additional verse. Since our inland waters take you to the Gulf of Mexico we add a Caribbean tune we learned from the Etcetera Stringband of Lawrence, Kan., and their "Bonne Humeur" album. "Sam Polo" is a tune found in the repertoire of U.S. Navy Band in the 1850s.

Wild as a bird in flight, this is my river.
One road of dancing light, rolling to the sea.
Clear waters in the sun, cooling me when work is done.
Long may my river run, rolling to the sea.

This river ambles down, glides through the quiet town.
Long may she ramble down, rolling to the sea.
Forever may she roam, reflecting heaven's dome.
This river is my home, rolling to the sea.