(Copyright: Charley sandage; Beebe, Arkansas)
Side 2, Band 1.

Cathy: autoharp
Dave: guitar

Charles Sandage of Beebe, Arkansas, wrote "Neighbors" with some of the people of Mountain View in mind, but Dave and I can add plenty of other people and places to Charley's list.

I learned "Neighbors" from the Grandpa Jones family who have sung it several times on the Grand Ole Opry. They in turn learned it from the Tom Simmons family of Mountain View. (CBP)

Choose your friends for their power,
Trade your love for their gold;
It seems like a sign of the times.
But some folks remember
What neighbors are for,
And some of them are neighbors of mine.

I have lived among some good and gentle people;
I have walked in a strong, growing land.
I have sung songs I know
I will hear once again
Being sung by some heavenly band.

Building cities of steel,
Building highways of stone,
We've forgotten what this good earth is for.
But somewhere there's land still held in God's hand,
And some of it lies near my door.

I hear talk every day
Of a world going wrong,
I hear talk of the times left behind.
But a long summer's night
Full of fiddles and song
Is a sound that I hold in my mind.

© 1986, Folk Legacy Records, Inc.