Shamus O'Brien
Wideman's Quickstep

Side 2, Band 4.

Cathy: hammered dulcimer
Skip: fiddle
Dave: guitar

Art Galbraith of Springfield, Missouri, not only possesses a unique repertoire of fiddle tunes, but his playing style is stately and light, in contrast to the usually driving and strong rhythms of most Missouri fiddlers we've heard over the years. I recommend listening to Art and guitarist Gordon McCann on Rounder 0133 and 0157, not only because they are highly enjoyable, but because I have a tendency to "mishear" tunes slightly and so end up modifying the melodies a bit.

The waltz "Shamus O'Brien" was published in 1867 by Will S. Hays, as an answer to Hays' earlier song, "Nora O'Neal," and the words can be found in Randolph's Ozark Folksongs. "Piedmont" comes from the repertoire of Art's uncle Tobe Galbraith, who was one of the finest Eiddlers to emerge from the Galbraith family. ''Wideman's Quickstep" comes also from Art's uncle and a bit of Art's own improvising. (CBP)

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