Carp Fishing in Missouri

Carp Fishing in Missouri


CD Liner Notes

Traditional country dance tunes have comprised most of our instrumental music since first learning from Missouri fiddlers 40 years ago. Sharing tunes is a great part of our travels. In recent years the unique jam at Carp Camp at the Walnut Valley Festival at Winfield, Kan., has blessed us with new friends and great tunes and inspired us with the true joy of playing music.

  1. Eddie’s Reel/Ice on the Road/Easy Club Reel
  2. Come, Love, Come/Vladimir’s Steamboat
  3. Rachel/Problem Solved
  4. Grande Chaine/Hommage a’ Edmond Pariso/Reel de Montebello /Reel Saint-Antoine
  5. Josefin’s Dopvals
  6. Skippin’ On the Mississippi Dew
  7. Porthole of the Kelp/Tamlin
  8. Bear Creek Hop/Road to Malvern
  9. Didn’t I Dance/A&E Waltz
  10. Washer Woman/Bell Cow/Kerry Shuffle
  11. Superfly
  12. Accordion Crimes/Up Downey
  13. O, My Little Darling/Ladies on the Green
  14. Ebb and Flow
  15. Growling Old Man, Cackling Old Woman/The Zipper
  16. Pretty Betty Martin/Chinquapin Huntin’
  17. Oak Ridge Stomp/Raivlin Reel/Cloud Nine

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